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UNITED BY BRAVERY: runners from all over the world collected over 400,000 hryvnias for the “Shahed Hunter” for Ukraine

Participants from 44 countries of the world joined the Run Ukraine charity run “UNITED BY BRAVERY”, and the collected funds were sent by UNITED24 to Timothy Snyder’s collection for the anti-drone system “Shahed Hunter”.


The charity run by Run Ukraine “UNITED BY BRAVERY” collected 402,605 hryvnias for the anti-drone system “Shahed Hunter” that will help protect the skies over Ukraine. The collected money is sent to the fundraising platform UNITED24, which is conducting this collection together with historian Timothy Snyder.


The “UNITED BY BRAVERY” race was held in two formats: offline in Kyiv, and online around the world. The event lasted a week, and during this time it united 1,218 runners from Ukraine and 43 other countries of the world. The largest number of foreign participants were from the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Canada and Poland. The whole world supported Ukraine and Ukrainians.


The offline race took place on November 27 in Kyiv — 500 runners, despite the bad weather, came to the start with the flags of Ukraine and covered the chosen distance of 5, 10 or 21 km. In the online format, hundreds of runners joined the event, including Timothy Snyder, a famous American historian, a professor at Yale University, and an ambassador of the UNITED24 platform.


«…the Ukrainians have certainly given us much to be grateful for. Their having organized a fundraiser when I am the one who is supposed to be raising funds is a small example of a general phenomenon.  They are doing so very much for us that we could not have done by ourselves, and taking great risks to defend the values we say are important to us, such as democracy.» — mr. Snyder wrote in his blog.


“The enemy directs drone strikes against the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, as a result of which millions of Ukrainians are left without light and heat in winter. The “Shahed Hunter” system will help detect and intercept enemy drones and provide protection to our citizens. That is why we joined this gathering and united everyone, Ukrainians and those who support us, to continue fighting. We were once again convinced that the running community is one big family, where everyone helps and supports everyone. And it’s inspiring!” — comments Victoriia Veremiienko from the Run Ukraine team.


The collection for the “Shahed Hunter” continues. As of December 16, $678,152 of the required amount of $1,250,000 has been collected. You can join the collection and make a contribution on the UNITED24 website.