Bravery unites Ukraine, and Ukraine unites the world. We bravely move on despite fear and darkness. We don’t walk – we run.  Swiftly, skillfully, and moving only forward.

This time, we want to unite the efforts of Ukrainians and those who support them. We stand strong – military and civilians, doctors and managers, volunteers and politicians. We can stand united and continue fighting, no matter the distance between us.

Join the charity run “UNITED BY BRAVERY”: Run Ukraine will donate 70% of the profits to UNITED24, an initiative of the President of Ukraine. Together with historian Timothy Snyder, the fundraising platform has launched a fundraiser for the Shahed Hunter, an anti-drone system.

Your bravery will close the sky over Ukraine. Your bravery will bring victory closer.

November 27 is the day that will unite the whole world under the flag of Ukraine. Are you with us?


1 day (27.11.2022)
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