Join a series of charity online races that bring together individuals from around the world who share a common goal: to support important initiatives and foundations, such as UNITED24.

February is a month of change, as the world begins to emerge from the cold of winter and looks ahead with renewed energy. In Ukraine, February holds special significance, as it marks the anniversary of the start of the war. But through it all, the Ukrainian people have shown remarkable bravery and resilience.

UNITED BY BRAVERY is a series of charity online races that celebrates this spirit of courage and determination. By participating, we can all make a difference by raising funds for UNITED24, an initiative of the President of Ukraine.  Run Ukraine will donate 70% of the profits by UNITED24.

With the support of the UNITED24 platform, we are proud to present three new stages of the race, each of which will support a different initiative:

  • UNITED BY BRAVERY: The Drone Army
  • UNITED BY BRAVERY: Saving Lives

Every step we take brings us closer to victory. Join us, united in courage, as we work together to make a real impact. Sign up now!