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For legal entities (corporate participation)

Running is an effective team-building tool that positively affects the team spirit of colleagues and ignites their thirst for new achievements. Our corporate teams’ participants in offline and online starts are sure about it.


UNITED BY BRAVERY is a series of online charity races, proudly presented by Run Ukraine and supported by UNITED24. The races aim to raise funds and support Ukraine while honoring the bravery of the Ukrainian people. Each stage of the race has its own focus:

Your bravery will close the sky over Ukraine. Your bravery will bring victory closer. Bravery unites Ukraine, and Ukraine unites the world. We bravely move on despite fear and darkness. We don’t walk – we run.  Swiftly, skillfully, and moving only forward. Gather a team to #runtogether!


If you would like to form a corporate team and take part in the race, fill out this form. Our manager will process your request and contact you ASAP.