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Timothy Snyder: Run for their lives

Timothy Snyder will run the UNITED BY BRAVERY charity run!


Mr. Snyder is famous historian, and professor at Yale University. In October, Timothy joined the group of ambassadors of the fundraising platform UNITED24 to help Ukraine. And recently he joined the UNITED BY BRAVERY charity run and will run a distance of 10 km online!


He wrote about his participation in the charity run in an article in support of Ukraine. Here is just one quotes from the text:

“And now my extremely modest role in which we see one more example of Ukrainian creativity, generosity, and courage…

President Zelens’kyi’s fundraising platform, United24, asked me to be an ambassador and to raise funds for anti-drone defense, which I am honored to try to do.  (By the way, we are about 1/10 of the way there.  Your donations are going through.  If they are not, make sure you have selected the correct currency when you use your credit card.)

And the the group Run Ukraine, which organizes lots of great races, just announced a race to be run in Kyiv this coming Sunday, 27 November: the “United by Bravery Charity Run.”  They also announced that “70% of the profit from the run will be donated to UNITED24, an initiative of the President of Ukraine. Together with historian Timothy Snyder, the fundraising platform has launched a fundraiser for the Shahed Hunter, an anti-drone system.”

So in a city where they lack electricity and water, Ukrainians will nevertheless themselves organize and run a charity race to raise money to defend against the drones that are denying them electricity and water.

Ukrainians ask me to help raise money — and then in dreadfully challenging conditions have organized the fundraiser themselves.  This is typical of Ukrainian civil society. Ukrainians keep doing more than anyone has a right to expect of them.”


Full text can be found via the link: http://surl.li/dutsp.